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    The display backlight died recently on my T270 (after only a day). It happened while I was at the park. The screen was very easy to read with the backlight off in the direct sunlight. I get my new 270 on Monday. Is there a way I can turn the backlight off when I'm outside (or anytime)?

    Majic JayJ
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    1) Press the power button twice to toggle the backlight

    2) Use a hack like GlowHack to set the time(s) of day for the backlight to automatically be on or off when you flip open the Treo

    3) If you're using Launcher III, one of the gadgets is a little light bulb icon. It too toggles the backlight.

    There are other ways, but those are the three that come to me right now.
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    I think jayj meant how do you completely turn off the backlight. The first solution you mentioned just reduces the intensity of the backlight. I'm not familiar with the other two solutions so hopefully they work.
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    Ah-- my bad. In that case, no, I have no idea how you could do that. Sorry.
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    turn your brightness down to 0 and you have no backlight.......

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