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    I've looked forward to getting a Treo ever since I got to play with one at Comdex a while back. As nice as GSM is from a technical perspective, I can't justify the loss of coverage--I need a phone that works everywhere I go. Cingular charges so much extra for packet data that it really kills it.

    I had a Prism and loved it. I didn't carry it around everywhere because it was too big to stick in my pocket. I also never really got right with Graffiti. So it wasn't as useful as I needed it to be.

    The Treo90 has been great. There are a few annoying things--little nits that could be fixed--but this thing is a serious improvement over anything else I could've gotten.

    The screen isn't near as bright as my Prism--or the highly retouched photos on HS's website. It is readable outdoors which is a nice change. The screen isn't as crisp, games don't look as pretty. For typical use it's great.

    The good-

    -pocketability--very small and light
    -card slot
    -the lid
    -stylish good looks

    The ungood-

    -power button is hard to press, I just set the timeout to 30 seconds and don't bother
    -not enough keyboard control over on-screen widgets, it feels like they ran out of time and had to ship before getting more of these in
    -2 keys to get to the applications screen--would be better if they were on the same side of the keyboard...swapped with the Find maybe
    -loose stylus
    -I wish it did the clock trick with the scroll button like the Palms do (can that be bought?)
    -no lighted keyboard
    -no bluetooth card support--I will buy a new cell phone the minute handspring supports SDIO cards on this thing. If they never release an SDIO patch I'll probly loose some of the fondness I have for that company.
    -can't seem to change the option-todo and -memo button assignments. And why no option combo for date and phone?
    (update--found the T-buttons program which adds this feature)
    -I want to hit M twice to select the memo pad (for example) in Applications instead of hearing a beep

    Overall, it's killer bee. I'm looking forward to the next iteration of this design. It really does make sense to me as a communicator product (even more if we get a BT card). A lot of people, like me, can't afford more costly and less effective cell phone service. I'm a little surprised at the amount of indignation on that point that's been posted. I'll finally be able to write as well as just read a lot of email without lugging more gear than a little serial cable.

    (most of this was written using my treo)

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    I'm using a 270, but one of the first things I did was re-map the 3rd button to launch me launcher app.

    I also use x-master and clock pop hack to display the time when I press and hold the 1st button.
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    Originally posted by Felipe
    I also use x-master and clock pop hack to display the time when I press and hold the 1st button.
    !just what I needed!

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    It's not the heat; it's the stupidity!
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    Originally posted by reedwade

    -I wish it did the clock trick with the scroll button like the Palms do (can that be bought?)
    There is a hackmaster hack called clockpop which does that...unfortunately it doesn't use a scroll button but instead works by pressing and holding one of the 4 app buttons.

    P.S. I should really read the whole post before replying...sorry to all those people ahead of me, your all just more on the ball.
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    FWIW, I've found McPhling, combined with X-master (free) to be supremely helpful.

    McPhling [30 day fully functional trial; $12 to register] lets you set up a list of favorite apps, plus it's intelligent enough to hold your previously used apps. The latest version [June 8th, I think] is specifically optimized for the Treo. [I'm using the 90]. Best of all, you can set it to ignore some programs, like hacks and launchers, which just about guarantees stability. I use option-backkey to get to the previous app immediately, and option-returnkey to pull up the pop-up list. Since I tend to work with the device cupped in my hands, it's a natural.

    Run a search for each at

    BTW, I had no problems resetting the buttons. Calendar = ActionNames, Contacts = DayNotez, ToDo = ListPro, and MemoPad = LauncherIII 3.0.5. [You could optionally set one for McPhling, if you really want that one-button access-to-all vibe.]

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