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    Has anyone run "Benchmark" on their Treo 270? It is a free download from Quartus ( )

    I ran the test and my Treo 270 only scores 163%. The Visor Platinum (which I also own) scores a 204%, as it should (according to the stock values). Is this right? Don't these two units use the same chip?

    I thought to try out the benchmark after I noticed that Mapopolis goes significantly slower on the Treo 270 than the Visor Platinum. I'm talking worse than half as fast. If a screen draw takes 1 second on the Visor, it would take maybe 3-5 seconds on the Treo, and it seemed to grow at an unfavorable rate (2 secs on Visor = 6-10 secs on Treo).

    If people could post their findings with Benchmark here, I think it'd be helpful info. After all, it advertises the same high-speed processor as the Platinum. But maybe the added memory and the fact that it's color slows the thing down. I am seeking some objectivity on the matter, since I only have one Treo with which to test!

    ...and I'm plenty happy with it. I just want to know confidently what is intended design, and what is a defect compared to other Treo 270's...

    Also, I noticed weird screen color tinges on the right and top edges. It's like a shadow from the LED. Does anyone else notice this? I posted a better description and a pic in this thread (my post is the second one).
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    Yes, benchmark scores 163 on mine also. In general I think benchmark isn't the best for real world speed, and I think the Treo 270 speed is OK for it's intended tasks. However, when I compare it right next to my Sony NR70 (303 on benchmark), it looks like a complete dog. The Sony is so much faster at everything it's not funny. The Treo seems slower than the m515 and Sony T-615 also which have the same processor and color. Some of that is probably screen draw speed which is clearly slower on the Treo.
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    There's an old thread on this topic:
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    Awesome, thanks for the thread link. I was looking for it in this group only and hadn't seen it...

    And if you really want to notice how slow the Treo can go, load up Mapopolis. That thing flies on my Visor. That's mostly number crunching, I would guess..
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    Mine gotīs 164 (Phone off) and 163 (Phone on) my NR70v also had 303 but i dont care the only thing is that TOMTOM City maps runs slower.

    cu orangebutton
    Slower than my NR70 was but i love my Treo 270......
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    164% on my Treo 170.

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