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    I've been following this debate for a while now and I keep wondering if the people who dislike graffiti have ever tried WordComplete. I have been using this program for over a year and it probably cuts my input time in half or more. The short version... as you begin to write it pops up a list of up to 10 words. The list changes with each letter you write. When the word you want is on the list you just tap on it and it completes the word and automatically adds a space. To add a word to the dictionary you just double tap on the word and tap on "add". You can also add custom phrases of up to 29 letters. It's a great program and can be customized in lots of useful ways. In the beginning I found myself wasting time looking down the list too often, but after a short while I pretty much knew what words would be where. I highly recommend it to anyone who uses graffiti (it also works when using the on screen keyboard).

    Just thought I would tell you all about this in case it might be useful to you. For more info go to
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    I've tried wordcomplete and think it's great. I personally prefer a jog dial or keyboard for quick look up, but for data entry like taking notes, etc. I'm still a graffiti fan.

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