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    My 3rd Treo 180 (2nd replacement unit) just died. Victim of the infamous handset speaker and/or speakerphone not working. I had this refurb unit for only 2 months!!

    Of course, Handspring Technical Support denies that this is a known issue with the Treo. I asked the rep whether this is b/c no one from Handspring is telling the reps about these problems so they could continue to claim, in ignorance, that there were no such issues. The rep responds with nervous laughter.

    On top of this, Handspring wants to charge me $25 to replace this 2nd replacement. I argue with the rep and make him call a manager from customer service b/c there's no way I'm paying any money to replace my faulty 2nd refurbished unit with another refurbished unit that may only last another 30 to 60 days. To customer service's credit, they agree and waive the $25 replacement fee (maybe this is how Handspring is meeting their revenue figures -- by making their customers pay for faulty products, and then again for faulty refurbished units every 60 days).

    I'm really starting to regret I gave up my Kyocera Smartphone for this aggrevation. I never had any problems with that unit. Until my replacement unit comes, I guess I'll be using another old tried-and-true phone, my Motorola CDMA StarTac.
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    Hi, txqc2000

    I'm truely agree with you ! I was facing the same problem just like you. With my 3 rd treo, about 2 months of using and they ( HS ) also want to charge me $25 for replacing this 2nd replacement unit. After I argue with the rep and make him call a manager from customer service ( just like you did, right ) and
    VORA ! they waive the $25 replacement fee for me.

    We definitely have something in commom.

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