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    Amazon is really dumping these things. The price has fallen $50 in 2 weeks. Hurry!
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    What am I missing? Apparently Voicestream customers can buy a Treo for $149 after rebates, but Cingular customers have no way to even buy one without paying full retail ($399 after rebates)

    What's the deal with that? Is handspring just not interested in selling the Treo in California or what?
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    I found this offer this morning and I oredred the phone about 5 days ago so I am hoping they will still offer the extra rebate (difference of $30)

    Anyone know why they are letting these go so cheap? I'm guessing they are trying to grab a larger market share...or coming out with something that will blow the 180 out of the water.

    WHO KNOWS!!! I lauk it aulaut
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    The fact of the matter is, no one wants a 180. Well, not no one. I have one. But, with the color version out there, few people want a black and white handheld.
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    I agree that most people would want a color pda (270) over the b&w (180). But, I was having a hard time justifying paying that much $ for a phone/pda.
    I have both, but I needed a new phone (cracked the face on my old one) and I already have a Visor Deluxe. I'm not a heavy cell phone user and I was all ready to just pay $100 for a decent cell phone and wait a year or so, till the prices come down or a new one comes out.

    BUT... now with this Amazon $150 rebate. I'm tempted and on the verge to take the plunge and get the 180. Yes, I would love the 270, but I couldn't justify the color, backlit keys and longer battery life for $300 more. That's alot in my mind. Does anyone else feel this way?

    For $100, I was just going to get a normal cell phone (B&W, of course) with limited web capabilities. Now for another $100, I can get a Treo.

    Now, I have to get the okay from the 'boss' (you know, who) LOL
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    That is exactly how I felt. I plunged and couldn't be happier. For a long time grafitti user the keyboard does have a moderate learning curve and about half the time I still use the stylus as opposed to all the time before. I would say the treo isn't the best phone or the best palm on the market but it is the best phone/palm combo by far. Sure there are several products about to be released that combine phones and pdas but I seriously doubt anything less than $500 will touch them.

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