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    I checked out the site mentioned in the previous thread ( ) but I do not see any cables to connect the Treo 90 with any Nokia phones. Is that because such a connection cannot be achieved for data transfer? I would like to be able to check email with my Treo 90. Do I need a different phone? Should I just spring for a 270?

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    Ask The Supply Net if they have any plans to make the cable you need. If the answer is no, and you have no other cable producing sources, then you're down to the two choices of new phone or Treo 270 - a decision only you can make for yourself based on some of the great inputs on this board.

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    ...And if you do find out from the SupplyNet, please post the answer here. Thanks!
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    I spoke with them today and they told me that my 5165 phone cannot be used as a modem. I will need to trade in my phone for a Nokia 3360, or one of Cingular's other models that contains modem capabilities, such as the Ericcson T60d or the Motorola V60T. She said that any CDMA phone with a built-in modem should be sufficient.


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