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    Can anyone direct me to a place I can find a cable that will connect my Treo 90 (brand new) to my Samsung 8500? Sprint doesn't have them anymore and I can't find them anywhere on the web.

    I'm afraid I made a mistake buying the Treo 90 and not waiting for the Sprint Treo 300, but I thought I'd be able to use the 90 to receive my email (which is all I really want from it)

    Any thoughts to set my buyer's remorse at ease. I like the Treo generally, just want a little more functionality (not enough to spend 500 on the 270 and have to change my cell service).

    very nice forum
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    Supply Net Has the exact cable you are looking for for $29.95. It's under Handspring's products.

    The Treo 90 is coo leh? Free Blazer 2.1.... mmm
    -Michael Ducker
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    They do have it listed, but don't have any in stock til August.

    Any other ideas? I really appreciate your help

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