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    This is going to sound weird, but:

    Where do I find Ringtones that sound like phones? Not to knock anyone's use of tunes on their cell phones, but I've always found it annoying to have to listen to "Funky Town" coming from one of my collegues down the hall everytime she gets a call. (A personal cell phone at work should always be set to vibrate, anyway, but that's another matter.) At the same time, I really like the idea of having a different tone for different people in my contact list, so that I don't even have to take my phone out of my pocket to know who it is.

    So I want custom ring tones, but not ones that play cheesy, monophonic songs. I just want ringers that sound like telephones. Right now, I'm using the "Euro" ringer that comes standard with the Treo, because it's the only one that doesn't annoy me.

    It seems like all the web sites for ringtones out there have nothing but musical ring tones. I was just wondering if anyone knows about one that also carries a good selection of phone-type ringers. Then, maybe getting a program like TCRinger would make sense for me.

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    Thank goodness I'm not the only one. I'd much rather have sound effects instead of "songs" (quoted because midi files rendered to a single monophonic melody and played on a buzzer makes me want to hurl - it was fine on my Apple ][plus - but not on a phone). I love the sounds from the "treksounds" pack, but I'm not sure how to make the treo aware of them for ring/sms sounds.

    And I also use Euro for the phone. (and sparkle for SMS)

    - Matt
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    I also do not care for the monophonic song ringtones. Stick with mostly sound effects, although the selection is limited.
    BTW, been looking for the "treksounds" pack to possibly use with Techsounds. Have not had luck finding these. Anyone know of a source? The author does not respond to requests, which leads me to believe there is no longer any support for this product. Wish I knew this before I registered it. I know it was only 8 bucks, but there are only a few crappy sounds available.
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    TechSounds is just the new name for the TrekSounds program. It's the same program, so asking for TrekSounds to be added to TechSounds would be pointless. The sounds are already there.

    As for getting those sounds into RingTones, the author of HoHo is working on an app to extract MIDI from databases on the device. If he gets it working, you'd be able to use it to get the TechSounds sounds and put them into your ringtone database. At least I think that's the point of it. It's not working yet, though. :\

    I haven't seen any good dingtone databases either, other than the stupid song one, like the annoying, always a new version, "Ringtones for Handspring Treo" thing. I wonder if I can't make up some of my own phone-line rings....

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    thanks for the reply. actually, I was looking for some star trek sounds to use as ringtones and/or system tones. found plenty of wav files, but nothing in midi format. using your suggestion in another thread referring to the Install app for wav -> midi conversion yields some unusual results. my uneducated guess is that treo cannot reproduce the sounds that you hear in a wav file accurately (even after midi conversion); it plays "tones" or "beeps", for lack of a better description.
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    How in the world are you converting WAV to MIDI? That would have to be done on the desktop through some kind of frequency analyzer that tries to copy the melody in MIDI tones. There's no such thing as direct conversion from WAV to MIDI, since WAV files are just direct audio recordings of sounds, and MIDI files are instructions to a tone generator for what tones to play for a melody.

    I would suggest not even bothering to try to convert WAV to MIDI. If you have something that does that, then the poor results are not because of the Treo, but because of whatever method the WAV to MIDI converter is using. Even the most advanced technology would have a hard time doing that accurately with anything but a single instrument (like a solo piano) as the source sound.

    Anyway, we're getting off track.
    If someone can find or create normal MIDI files on a desktop computer that sounds like what they want, then those can more easily be converted and added to the Treo ringtones. Unfortunately, most MIDI you'll find on the net aren't sound effect type stuff, they're full-blown songs.

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    I was able to cull some phone rings from the free GeekSounds database using TCRinger. You can do a search for GeekSounds at You should note that the GeekSounds database will replace nyour default alarm sounds database when you install it.
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    Have you tried Ringo. You can associate phone numbers with ring tones. You an also compoe your own rings if yo are looking for something simple and different.
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    iRing ( transfers sounds from the System_MIDI database (alert sounds, like GeekSounds, etc) to the Ringer Database on the Treo, and vise-versa.
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    The Xda has a ring tone that sounds like a 1950's American telephone it's brilliant. I want that ring tone for my 270... but how??
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    The Xda has a ring tone that sounds like a 1950's American telephone it's brilliant. I want that ring tone for my 270... but how??
    That's what I want too. I have a similar sound as a Wav, but I've had no luck getting it converted to anything that I can use.

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    The sad truth is that the GSM Treos only have piezo speakers for ringing. These speakers are only capable of single "beep" tones, and complex sequences of them. The ringtones you guys are trying to mimic are being made by phones capable of playing waveform audio as a ring. Any phone from the 1950's would have used an actual bell to make the ring. Piezo speakers are simply incapable of reproducing the complex wave forms of a ringing bell. I have no idea why the GSM phones never get cool waveform ringtone technology like the CDMA phones do.
    If you want a TReo to make realistic ringing noises like that, you'll need to get a Treo 300, and hope that one of the built in tones is to your liking. There might also be a Treo 300 ringtone database available on PalmGear, I think I saw one. But, it's just not going to happen with a 180 or 270.
    All the rings from a 180 or 270 are going to be techy beeping things. Such is life.
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    Yeah, but I believe the difference between the ringing behaviors of the 270 and the 300 is in software. Polyphonic ringing in the 300 works in the "other" speaker, and I don't see why the 270 couldn't do that.

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    ... because the polyphonic capability is part of the proprietary CDMA chip on the Treo 300. That chip doesn't exist on the 270 since it is a GSM phone. This is a hardware issue, not software.
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    Back to the issue of "normal" ringtones. I have a treo 270 and I've been searching high & low for phone ringing tones such as those factory fitted on Nokias or Ericsson.

    I've almost given up searching. There are lots of songs as ringing tones all over the net but not actual phone ringing tones.

    If someone can point me to a place where I can get phone ring tones, I would be very very grateful. BTW I intend to use HoHo for conversion if I am able to get Nokia/Ericsson tones.

    Alternatively, If anyone is able to e-mail me phone tones, it would be highly appreciated. I may be reached at

    Another possibility- if anyone knows how I can get phone tones beamed to me from my wife's Nokia 6510, that would be fantastic.


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    I found a few "normal" ringers here:
    (this should work both on your PC and Treo).
    However, all of these have a GCD file extension, which I'm not sure how you can convert to Treo - any thougths?
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    I agree with the origanal post, I would like to have some "RingTones" and not just "SoundTones"
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    Originally posted by ili
    I found a few "normal" ringers here:
    (this should work both on your PC and Treo).
    However, all of these have a GCD file extension, which I'm not sure how you can convert to Treo - any thougths?
    You can't get those files into a Treo, as they're for other kinds of phones. At least, there's no help to be found on their site or forums. Everyone who asks is told to come here or So it looks like you'll have to keep looking. I only have a Treo 180, so even if I made ringtones to share, they'd be much less impressive on a Treo 300 compared to the enhanced rings on that device.

    Heck, be happy you don't have T-Jingle being copied to your ringtone database after every soft reset (and incorrectly erasing itself in the process.... long story).

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    The "Powerful" ringtone on the 300 sounds very much like a real phone bell. Check it out.

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