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    I am completely stuck on deciding whether or not to get a treo 180 or a normal cellular phone (most likely the sanyo 5150 - sprint service w/ coor lcd)

    I am a college student nd don't know if the tero is worth getting. I really want the treo just because I can get it from amazon for $180, but I can get the 5150 for $30 (normally $300). I' thinking the treo will be great, but after reading all the forum postings there seems to be alot of usability downfalls, such as the backlight caller ID problem. I've tried out the treo at Best Buy and it seems a little bulky to walk around campus and talk at the same time.

    I hate voicestream, but love the Handspring treo. Sprint is great but the 5150 is not as great as the treo.

    Someone please make me feel confident in my decision.
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    I had a Treo in college. I loved it. Wonderful device. Hardly perfect, but wonderful. It isn't really that big. However, if you hate Voicestream, why get a Treo? That makes *no* sense.
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    One thing cell phone users are not going to like is that when dialing with the on-screen number pad, it responds SLOWLY. I'm not a heavy phone user, so I don't mind that much. But if you're dialing all the time, it could be annoying.

    As for the bulk, sure it's a little bigger than some phones, but I don't have a problem walking and talking with it. Besides, you could use it in speakerphone mode or with an earpiece.

    If you're really organized, you might just be better off with the phone. I'm not. I've got phone numbers, addresses, texts of emails, my softball schedule, birthdays, etc all in my Treo. I'm lost without it.

    Good luck!
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    go for it - I had similar dilemna recently and was fed up carrying the phone and visor edge around. I bought a treo 180 2 weeks ago and it's made a big difference. The plus points are easy text message sending and entering words, only 1 device to carry about, easy to make calls using address book, e-mail and web capability and the fact you can add on so much palm software. Only downside is you look a bit silly when talking on it.
    And go for the keyboard version.
    hope this helps
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    I'm a 180 owner and I can't say that it has changed my life as I have no use for the PIM functionalities... my life isn't very complicated.

    I do find though that I use the web browsing capability quite often, and with the large touch screen the browsing experience is as pleasant as it can get on a handheld.

    And the games that you can load onto the Treo is fun. I'm kicking *** in SubHunt. Playing games and surfing the web is a great way to pass the times while waiting for class to start. I don't know if the 5150 has a speakerphone, but with the Treo, I found that the speakerphone is a great feature that my old Startac phone didn't have - I don't know how I lived without it.

    I bought mine at $300, so to me $180 is a steal. I only wish I would have held out a little longer, but after 3 years my Startac was on its last leg.
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    Why do you hate Voicestream? Their customer service could use a little work, but otherwise I think they are hands down the best cell phone company out there.

    They have global coverage, providing you have a world phone. The Treo is a world phone by the way. The have the best coverage in cities and the call quality is second to none.

    The only reason I could see someone hating Voicestream is due to their coverage area. They pretty much work only in cities. If you've been reading the news lately, AT&T and Cingluar are going to GSM so there will be a lot more towers coming online soon.

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    I use the phone as much during the night for personal reason as I do for work reasons. The voicestream plans don't provide you with unlimited minutes at night like the rest of it's competitors do, so I'm stuck with using the minutes that I pay for. The unlimited weekend minutes can only be used from 12 midnigt fridays to 12 midnight sundays, as opposed to it's competitors who's unlimted minutes start at 9. Also they are not offering a flat rate for GPRS. ( i signed the petition and you should too)

    I also go to college in the middle of bum**** so service is not like the service I get in baltimore. Another reason is that they used to not round up minutes, but after reading the contract agreement it seems they start to charge for minutes before the person you're calling even picks up and rounds those minutes up. (Stinginess is a virtue)

    Lastly I don't like the spokesperson Jamie Lee Curtis, in fact she is almost as bad as the dell spokesperson. She doesn't make me not want to buy a voicestream phone like the dell guy makes me not want to buy a dell, but she is still annoying and not good looking. I mean after all shouldn't a company have to earn your business with a spokesperson that actually gets your attention by means of looks or credibility? ....JLC has neither.

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    Dude, rent Trading Places and True Lies. Jamie Lee Curtis is da bomb. At least for us old guys.

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    I saw both movies and I thought she not attractive in either, don't get me wrong, I'd still enagage in sexual activities with the woman. I guess she does appeal to the older audience
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    (sound of my knees as I get up to whoop your whipper-snapper ****...)

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    I just got the treo 18o in the mail and I am thinking about returning it. I just took a drive up the street (during the night) and I could not see **** on the phone...after I made my call, the backlight eventually went off and could not hang up until I turned the backlight on again.
    Also too bulky when trying to talk on the phone, i look freaking ridiculous.

    **** THIS PHONE
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    It's a shame you are going to return the product because you don't look cool talking on it. To each his own, I guess. As for the hanging up thing, just close the lid. That hangs it up, no backlight needed.

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