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    How much phone talk time do you think you'd get off a 9 volt battery? This charger allows you to use a 9 volt battery as an emergency power source:

    [Also, I noticed they sell a hotsynch cord that allows you to charge right off the laptop. I know Handspring can't do everything, but I can't help but think they should have included this as standard.]
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    How much phone talk time? How much do you get now?

    The FAQ, the little blue thingy under and to the right of the picture said that one 9V battery would fully charge the Treo battery. You might need 2 9Vs if you took the Treo into deep discharge.

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    Thanks Gary. I am feeling a bit ashamed at the moment. A FAQ. Duh.

    Anyway, that 9v charger is a fantastic idea. It's almost like having that replaceable spare battery we've all been craving. While my Treo use on a work day never drains it past half-way, on the weekends I run it almost to dead with Voicestream's free weekend talk time deal.

    Looks like I'll be ordering one soon. Unless anyone has one and reports back problems....
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    Just thought I'd post this response that I received:

    Thank you for visiting A brand new 9V can charge about 60-70% of the PDA battery.
    This 60-70% applied on all kinds of PDA. And the charging time for 1 9V battery is about 2 hours.
    Therefore, for a totally empty PDA, a 9V can provide 60-70% of battery life after charging 2 hours.

    Thank you for your question.

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