I had the first Visor deluxe 11/99, since then I have owned four other visors, including visor phone & mp3 players and at least a dozen other accessories. I travel all the time, having the spring board slot was important, so HS says hell with every one who has bought visors, if you want more convenience, upgrade to this,( 270, wich I did,) and too bad about all those other add ons you have purchaced. Shame on me. I am a full HS supporter, but I really think they are behind the game, as far as features and such, tri-band phone are a must, expansion is also a must. If your using the pda a day runner thats fine, I have 2 mb left on my 270. Any way, I will probably hold on to my 270 until the price drops on the 7135 or HS fools me again with another model.

Totally fooled and infatuated by HS