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    I bought a 2nd hand Treo at e-bay and unfortunately it appears to be SIM locked (Rogers AT&T). Does anybody know if it is possible to unlock the Treo? It is probably a software based lock so it should be possible.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Can't you just perform a hard reset on it and use your own SIM card?

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    It was my understanding that there are no LOCKED Treo's or VisorPhones.

    Can anyone backup that statement?
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    I believe that Rogers At&T Treos are the only ones that are factory locked... It seems Rogers insisted on it. A hard reset will not unlock it. You would have to unlock it through Rogers for about $250 CAD. You got a bummed deal on Ebay.
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    Wow, AT&T is so stingy on locking their phones. All of their 8390's and T68m's are locked too... and they won't supply the subsidy codes!

    What a rip...

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