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    Just got a 16MB SD card and i want to install backup buddy. it works just like a backup module for a visor doesnt it?

    anyone have the website for it?

    also when i have things on my treo that i want to move to the SD card, how do i do that? there's no filemover program like there is with a flash memory springboard module.

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    Check for backupbuddy (one word).

    I'm sure the manual must mention that in the Application Launcher, there is a COPY menu item under App. Or, press Option :menu: :menu: C
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    Originally posted by jasonpbyu
    Just got a 16MB SD card and i want to install ...
    anyone have the website for it? thanks
    See (Ignore the stuff about MemPlug and PIDirect [spelling?? /memory]-- I just have Launcher III and all works fine). Check out the various walk-thru's for particular apps/docs to be launched/stored on the SD card. After trying, and discarding various launchers, I **now** see why the site so highly recommends Launcher III 3.0.5. Works like a charm.

    Tip #1: Assuming you try the [nagging] 30-day launcher III trial ['s Essentials page], when you set up the Gadgets, do NOT situate the Card Tools directly next to the trash can-- unless your brain is always coffee-ized.

    Tip #2: Don't keep your SD card pressed all the way in, when not in use. Reason: slows things considerably and unnecessarily, b/c the launcher reads everything on it [I've got about a hundred books, etc., plus some apps on it.] Also, BE SURE to see the section at the above site detailing how to set up a shortcut to apps moved to the SD card, to "trick" the system into thinking that app is still in the device itself. Otherwise, it won't show up in Apps listing and the like.
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    Backupbuddy vhs free is here:
    Palm desktop with install tool has option of putting files on the sd card. I bough sandisk reader for sd cards (for my 128mb card) which puts the files almost instantly on card (may be a worthwhile investment for you). I'm using the card for backupbuddy and lots of tomeraider files. I'm curious what other people have on their cards.

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