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    Check out a great new FREEWARE alternative to Jot/RecoEcho and Screenwrite!
    It's called NewPen, and is very well designed, imho, as far as how it works (And WHEN it works). It's a little quirky, but that's because it's not ALWAYS on like those other ones.
    Here's the link to it on PalmGear:

    It still needs some improvement, but already it's better than RecoEcho and Screenwrite, imho. Not only does it support (apparently) all graffiti characters and punctuation (unlike RecoEcho), but it's not always taking over the screen (like Screenwrite). Instead, it seems to only expect graffiti when there are text inputs on the screen, and it seems to still let you tap on on-screen buttons. You can also toggle the screenwriting by tapping the graffiti shift mode indicator (or holding the pen on the screen for about 3 seconds and then lifting). You'll hear a status indication (deedle-dee) when it goes on or off. With the ability to quickly and easily toggle screen-writing, it beats the pants off of those *other* solutions.

    Anyway, I think anyone who has been looking for a graffiti solution for their Treo 180, 270, or 90 should look into this one. Given the fact that it's still less than v1.0, and there have been FOUR updates in the last two days, I have a good feeling this will keep getting better.

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    Sounds good! I think I have to remember where I have my leftover WriteRights....

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