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    I bought my Treo 90 a little over a week ago. Everything was fine the first day but when I turned it on the next day, the screen was very dark. I could just barely make out the text when held at the right angle and could confirm that the contrast and brightness were in the correct spot. Returned it that day to Circuit City and got a new one (no problem). Today, same thing happened--black screen. Has anybody else had this problem? (And yes, my stylus is falling out too)

    Note that with both of these units that failed, the top right hand corner of the screen was a little brighter than the rest of the screen. Connected?
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    I've been waiting to see this in the 90s!
    (not that I wish you ill, paraconfusus [and the rest of the 90 users])

    A number of people have had this problem with the 270 (see thread My screen went blank ). I've had my original 270 replaced for this problem; now that replacement is being replaced (for a different problem).

    Good luck with your 90...
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    Add me to the list ... I was at my son's baseball game keeping track of the pitch count. I turned it on before the 5th inning and ... nothing.

    When viewed under a very bright light you can see that it is on ... just no backlight.

    Very disappointing ... looks like I'm going to have to take it back to Staples and have it swapped out.

    Hopefully this won't happen to my wife's... also my stylus became very loose after a month of use.
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    I've had this exact thing happen with two so far. Returned them both to handspring and picked one up at Circuit City. So far am not having that problem, but I'm almost relating it to a game installation. I installed bejewelled and the pocket pc game pack. I'm thinking that one of those products conflicted in some way with the backlighting. On this third one I have installed neither of those programs and I've had it for two weeks without a problem.

    Anyone else can link the problem to a software conflict or game?
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    I've lsot my backlight on my Prism... Never had it happen on anythign else though..

    what a random thought
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff

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