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    Am I imagining things, or did Handspring previously state that it would announce the CDMA version of the Treo by the end of this quarter (which would be this week)? Any word?

    (Of course, as we know, a product announcement can predate the actual product availability by some time, so even an announcement this week might mean the actual Treo 300 would not be available until August, the month that's been rumored for Sprint's 3G launch. But at least an announcement would, hopefully, provide some details about the product.)
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    Ya, HS did say that the Treo 300 would be released by the end of the month. If HS does release the 300 within the next week or so, I might consider getting it and then upgrading to the 7135 when it comes out. I've rarely seen these smartphones released on schedule. The Kyocera 6035, Samsung I300, and Treo all were delayed, I'm not convinced the 7135 will be any different in terms of a timely release, which might make having a Treo 300 a little more worth it in terms of the extended amount of time I would get to use it...but that's a $500 chance I'm would be taking. Decisions, decisions...
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    Well, the second quarter of the year has ended without an announcement -- as once expected -- from Handspring about the CDMA version of the Treo. I've read that Sprint's 3G launch will be in August, so could it be then before this device becomes available?

    And, in light of the recent news that the GPRS upgrade of the GSM version of the Treo will not offer an unlimited data plan, I'm wondering whether the CDMA version will. Any idea?

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