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    Is there a program that will let me check my hotmail account?
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    Not directly, but you could use something like Pop3Hot to pull your Hotmail down to your PC and then sync with the regular mail conduit.

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    Gopherking is what I use - great service.

    FYI - There are tons of threads on this in the boards. Try a search first.
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    Because Hotmail uses proprietary code as part of its Passport universal login scheme, you cannot access your email directly from Blazer.

    However, there is a workaround that passes your login credentials directly in the CGI string in the URL that will allow you to do it. It's not secure, but you can check your mail.

    To do it, enter a URL like this:<userid>&passwd=<passwd>

    Substitute your Hotmail userid and password and away you go. Be warned that you must manually refresh the page to get around cacheing.

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