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    Anyone have any good luck with a Sony Clie™ T615C/S Handheld? The Treo 90 is back ordered for a few days, so I can technically cancel the order...

    The Treo is smaller... But... i'm wondering if seeing the sony specs out simualar... But, has a really nice looking screen (size and resolution)... Should I concider the sony over the handspring this time?

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    what clinched the decision for me between the treo 90 and a sony clie (either a T6xx or an NR70) is the abysmal battery life on the clies. i had no desire to recharge the battery every (other) night.

    besides, i was upgrading from a palm v so any of these units is a step up.
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    You said it was only backordered a few dys. Not many people really need a PDA NOW! Be patient and go for the one you think you will like the best - hold your breath - even if it means waiting an extra week.
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    I've had the T615C for a few months and I am very happy with it.

    However, I am very intrigued by the Treo 90. As nremondelli mentioned above, don't get impatient and get the T615C just because the Treo 90 is on backorder. I saw Treo 90's today at Circuit City with a $20.00 rebate (final price was like $264 and some cents). You can also get them at for $279 and there is a $40 instant rebate coupon floating around on the net. The T615C does have a shorter battery life. I have gotten about 4 hours of constant use (gmovie clip playing in a loop). I would normally have to charge about every third of fourth day with normal use but the lithium ion batteries prefer to be topped off every night so I just come home and drop it in the cradle.

    If you use your PDA outside - I would take a serious look at the T615C or the M515. The Treo 90 screen is not great outside - it's better than the Prism but not as good as the Sony or Palm.

    All that being said, I really LOVE the way the Treo 90 fits in my hand and my pocket.
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    I've had the T615c for a week or two now. I purchased it over the Treo 90 because it was a proven device, not a first generation. I like the Hi Resolution screen because I like to read e-books, and viewing twice the text is worth it. The screen is great for photo's, also.

    For me, the hi-resolution screen is great, because you do view twice the information on the screen. Makes Action Names much more valuable.

    You can also view the screen outside - a major selling factor. Not only can you see the screen, it looks fabulous.

    Finally, I got a good 10% off deal on the Sony, and the Treo wasn't in my best buy at the time.
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    I was at CompUSA today... and played with the Clie 615... It seemed very durable... I didn't like the fact of going to a Grafity... But, the screen was very impressive...

    As of Thursday, I will have my Treo 90 for 1 week... and as of wednesday I should have a "new treo" from handspring to replace mine because the stylus has come loose (as many people seem to be having the same problem...

    I am planning on using the replacement for a couple of days... and from then... if it comes loose again... I will be sending back the replacement to Handspring... and taking back my original to Staples... And get the Clie 615...

    Other than the stylus... I am very happy with my Treo 90... seems durable...

    I hope that stylus problem is a fixed issue!!! I will not tolorate b/s from a manufacture anymore!!!

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    As a side note, The T615c also suffers from a stylus problem, though not as severe. It will come out if shaken, or in pants pocket, etc., but can be solved with some tape around it, or has a solution of taking an o-ring from a used cig. lighter.
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