I have learned that I am required to use the Window's only "Pendragon MSONLYSYNC" and "iForms." According to their website(1997) they claim they don't support Mac or Win 3.1 because their are no conduits. There is no such excuse now, but the support still is not there.

Windows XP doesn't support my old 28.8 modem either and I don't want to buy a new one when I have cable modem access now. The server in question still don't have VPN or proxy access either.

The pendragon website makes all sorts of fabulous claims of connecting from wireless devices, but there is nothing I can find to verify if a Treo90 + Cell phone will be able to connect and sync properly.

If there is, what decent cell phone or a 3rd party Conduit that will let me do this?

General overall process: Connect to server via PPP, Hotsync, Pendragon's then connects to server and downloads or uploads crap.

Current Setup: Mac OS X, Desktop 4, Missing Sync 3.x, Treo90, USB Cradle
PC: No modem, all PCI slots filled, XP

(Yes, connecting via modem in OS X and routing that connection to the PC does actually work. However, it hoses my normal networking setup on the PC and is something I don't want to have to do everyday for 2 years.)