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    I notice that if I run the Treo down almost to empty and then plug it in for only 5 or 10 minutes and then unhook it from the plug, the little battery icon on the main screen actually shows FULL! Now, I know there's no way it could have recharged an almost empty battery in that time, so I'm left looking doubtfully at that battery icon, and knowing I can't rely on it.

    I haven't checked yet if the little hidden battery info window that you get when you hit the scroll up button and touch the top of the applications screen is accurate or not, but I'll check next time.

    Regardless, has anyone else noticed this battery icon problem? Is there some other software that's more reliable?
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    The battery charge indicator usually works on temperature. If you only charge for a few minutes you don't give the unit long enough to know how much battery life you have stored in it.

    Most rechargeable PDAs have this same behavior.
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    The Red/Greed LEd would be a better indicator for you to check. The unit will pop up error messages when you getting low on batteries anyways. And it is very accurate in this regard.
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    Funny, but I don't recall ever getting an error message when my battery was low. When I was using the 180 I was on the phone for a long time, and suddenly it just turned off when the battery went. No beeps or warning. Perhaps there was one on the screen, but I guess I didn't see it.

    For the 270, I've used it to the point where the little icon is almost empty and red, but I've never seen an error message.... Perhaps that's in the settings somewhere. I'll look.

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