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    Here's my situation - I bought a shrink-wrapped Treo from ebay and it was DOA. Called Handspring and they sent me a new unit. I have had a few problems with it - the newest being that I can't place any calls even though I have full signal strength. I know it's not Voicestream because my backup phone (nokia 8260) is working just fine with the same SIM card. In fact, the treo is telling me I have full signal strength even when the SIM card is not in it.

    The other major problem is that since I have installed all of the apps that I need to use (but still have 6 MB free), speed has decreased significantly and crashes have increased significantly. If I am on the phone with someone and another call comes in...CRASH. Have to perform soft reset. This is almost as annoying as not being able to make phone calls!

    Enough complaining. I am just wondering whether anyone has had similar problems and is so unhappy about wasting $500 that they have tried to get something back from Handspring other than another Treo. At this point I am back to using my Nokia and Visor Pro. I really want to try and salvage some of the $500 and I don't want to be a beta-tester on another crappy Treo unit. I know I'm crabby but I would appreciate any relevant feedback. Thanks.
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    I havent' had any of the problems you describe. Is the Treo a perfect device? HA! Not a chance! Am I glad I spent $500 on it? No, not really. Am I glad I own it? Oh yeah. Especially since I got my e-mail hooked up to it.
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    Do you have the same signal problems even with the replacement Treo? This seems to be a hardware problem. If you are getting the same problem with the replacement Treo, what is the voltage of your SIM card?

    You will need to determine which one of your app or apps is causing teh crashes on the unit. This certainly points to a third party software conflict.
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    Yep, agree with Yardie. With 6MB left, you probably have a lot of apps installed. Any one of these could cause a conflict... I had a similar problem and progressively deleted apps until I found the culprit. Painstaking, I know, but worth it for your sanity

    On the 180 itself. By no means is it the finished article and the fact that the 270 came out at almost the same price suggests the 180 was made purely to test the market. I personally like its quirkyness and happy to support it in its hour of need. I look forward to the next generation.
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    On the whole, my Treo is 100% better than my VDX + VP combo that I used to carry.

    Is it as simple as a cell phone? No.
    Was it fully thought-out? No.

    Would I give it up? NO WAY!

    My biggest problem has been needing the "reset radio" after I came back to the US from Canada.
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    Let's hope that this reset radio issue is taken care of in the GPRS Upgrade/Treo Improvement update rumored to be out later this year.

    Originally posted by PDAENVY
    On the whole, my Treo is 100% better than my VDX + VP combo that I used to carry.

    Is it as simple as a cell phone? No.
    Was it fully thought-out? No.

    Would I give it up? NO WAY!

    My biggest problem has been needing the "reset radio" after I came back to the US from Canada.
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    EBAY. Shrink wrapped. Little cheaper... ;P Opened Saturday - all was great - until tuesday. After a soft reset (screen went 'fuzzy' and locked) no more radio. Radio reset didn't work. New one will be here tommorrow, so we'll see how it goes. Other than the radio going out, all was good, cept for the fact that it seemed that my Treo (with 13M free) seemed to crash a lot more often than my Pro with 3M free... *shrug*

    My only real disappointment is the fact that Treo Communicators don't have the 90's memory card slot... =(

    I'm fairly hopeful/happy tho - total with shipping was a 'measly' $345... Now if only I had seen Amazon's $149 T180 offer a month ago when I got the VisorPhone/New Service...

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    Anyone else unhappy with the treo 180? Not me!

    I guess only people who have had bad experiences will post, and I do sympathize, but I have to say that I am completely happy with my Treo.

    I have been a long time Palm user and it was a breeze to carry forward all my apps and data. The 'phone worked first time (and every time), no resets required, and the speaker/headset are fine with good volume.

    Is it the perfect device? Well, no, but it will do until the prefect one comes along!

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    I would have to agree with the positive posts here. I love my Treo 180g. I was foaming at the mouth for it and ordered one the night they became available from HandSpring. At the time I was carrying a Visor Deluxe, cell phone and a BlackBerry Rim 950 (alpha pager) for work. Was able to replace them all with the Treo. I have had very few issues with the unit, and those that I have had have been either with faulty software or Voicestream.

    The only thing I wish I would have done differently was order the 180 with the keyboard. Graffiti is nice and all, but I really started to miss the BlackBerry keyboard when I got the new device. Will look forward to upgrading to the 270 once the price goes down a little.
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    I think I'm one of the last few Graffiti lovers. I bought the 180g when it came out and never looked back. Well, actually that's not true. I bought a 180 to try out the keyboard. I really didn't like it. I found that I'm faster with Graffiti. I'm sure there are others out there that agree. I'll never get a 270 because of the last of Graffiti. Overall I love the Treo, Voicestream's coverage could be better, but its coming along. I'm in for the long haul.

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    How long did you give the keyboard? I found that at first it was kind of weird. Now, though, I don't think I could ever go back to grafitti. Not trying to tell you you're wrong, just saying that my experience was the same in the shortrun, but changed.
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    Spent $260 for the 180 - don't feel it's worth it to spend the additional amount to get the 270, even if I could do a reasonable trade-in. I didn't grow up with the brave new internet world, so I have a pretty suspicous view on potential software conflicts from loading in a lot of software, as well as some suspicion of buying this kind of product on e-bay.

    I now take my phone/PDA combo almost everywhere, whereas before I would often leave one or the other behind. From what I read it still is probably on the frontier for my needs, after factoring in cost, size, phone and PDA features, and integration betwee the two. The only thing I really wish were easier is on the road backup.
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    I thought the same thing as Quake97 about the keyboards when I was first issued the BlackBerry. It took a while, but after a few weeks I could really fly with that thing, MUCH faster than with graffiti.

    One thing I noticed is that I had a lot less errors with the keyboard. There are a lot of times with the graffiti that I can't get a Y or a G out to save my life...I know it's my own lousy handwriting and all, but sometimes it gets a little frustrating, particularly when I'm trying to take a quick note from someone on somehing. That didn't happen to me too much with the keyboard.

    The other thing with the keyboard that will be great to have are all the extra funciton keys. The four buttons at the bottom of the HandSpring are just not enough for quick access to all the things I do.

    I would add that not all keyboards are created equal. The BlackBerry version (which Handspring has licensed) is one of the best. I compared it with one of the Motorolla ones a friend had, and we both felt there was a difference and the BlackBerry version was king.
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    My 180's speaker went dead. Well, the switch in the lid that turns it on is almost dead. If the lid is a little open, you can hear. But if the lid is all the way open, the speaker is DEAD.

    Now I'm out $25 for "Advanced Replacement" i.e. cross-shipping.
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    I must be one of the luckiest son of a gun on earth, since I've had my 180 for 3 months and have not encountered any of the issues that people have mentioned on this board. So needless to say, I'm very happy with my Treo.
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    Yeah, I'm the same - no probs so far. Love my little machine so much my wife has resorted to buying toys

    I've even pulled my Treo to bits to 'see how it works'. No probs.
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    I've been reading this discusion board since it's inception. I was starting to feel like maybe I wasn't using my Treo 180g properly because it's never broken! I've been able to complete a major project using a freeware app called palm progect, store all the documents and records I need to do my job as a field engineer using Docs 2 Go , read and respond to emails while standing on rooftops, etc., plus it's a phone! Did I mention AvantGo is good bathroom reading?
    Got Darts?
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    Hehe - It really does make good bathroom reading, doesn't it...
    (and I thought I was the only one...) :-)

    Not to say I haven't had problems (had to send one unit back because the motor for the vibration alert failed, and the second one is going back tomorrow because of a radio problem where calls cut in and out), but I really do love the little thing. Best toy ever. Oh, and it's useful and productive too. Although my favorite app is Vindigo, the date book is clearly the most useful for me (and has been since my old Palm V....)
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    I got my replacement next-day as promised. I wasn't going to spend the $25, but when I thought about how it includes overnight shipping to me and ground shipping back, I decided it was worth it, even without considering the zero downtime.

    The replacement still has "cling-film" on the lid window, and it appears to be a new unit from stock. The HS rep told me that at this point replacement Treos are usually new, not refurb.

    Anyhow, it's synching now. When it's done, I'll check the lid speaker and make sure it works, then I'll be back in business!

    Then I hard reset my old one, and send it back.

    On another note, I've had my Treo only since March and I didn't realize how scratched up it is (probably from accidentally being put in the same pocket with keys) until I compared it to the new unit! I guess I'll have to break down and buy a case I don't like (I've never seen one I do like).
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    Yup. Finally got my replacement 180 Tuesday. The same day that I called HS (again) to find out why I didn't get it Friday as promised. The same day that they told me that there was no info on it, and that it would /probably/ ship out by /this/ Friday - lol. So far so good *knock on wood*. And hell, even the battery in this one is impressing me... The first one: after unplugging with full charge, down to %60 withing about 2+hrs. No phone, no sound, no beam receive, et al. This one: 2 days, phone use, alarm use, et al - just now getting to %40. Rockin. Hope it stayes this way! Damn nifty device if I can continue to use it...

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