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    I just received my replacement on friday (due to intermitting cutting in and out of calls). The new one, which we'll call V3, was DOA. It refused to connect to the network, after charging and radio reset and I tried syncing as well. The darn thing just wouldn't work. V4's on the way...
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    I happy with the money I spent. I ordered as soon as it came out. I've been watching the negative reviews of other phone/pda combos as compared to the treo.

    Yes, I would like color and an expansion slot like the 90. I'll wait to upgrade until I can have both.
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    Like Jeff my ear piece went out and only works if the lid is almost closed. New one is on the way.

    That being said, I need to say I really like this thing. Everything I need. I to with I could ude a SD card. But more than that I wish it had a high res screen.
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    At first I thought the Treo 180 was a great device. Works pretty well. Shame the battery life is terrible, there is no GPRS working and no expansion port, but good for a first attempt.

    Now however after three weeks without a working phone and with countless hours wasted with Handspring support I would have to advise anyone. DON'T BUY A TREO. Product quality is terrible, it is likely to break and the customer support is terrible. Three weeks without a phone or PDA has not been pleasant, lost data and missed meetings have been expensive.

    I have had to pay a total of $100 to get my replacement (Handspring cocked up with the shipping documentation and Swiss customs charged me import duty and sales tax on the replacement). Not including my time & phone calls.

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    I have had far too many problems with the treo. I am now on my fourth handset having suffered two DOA's and two with the dreaded dead speaker. Handspring's customer service is awful. The shortest that I have had to wait is 5 days and the longest before being sent a replacement handset was 2 weeks. This is just not accepatable. How can they expect a person to be without a handset that long? I have had to purchase a second ericsson handset because the treo is just not reliable. But the last straw is now with Voicestream, since the beginning of July my Treo has had extreme difficulty in making and receiving phone calls.

    Finally, today Voicestream admitted that they are experiencing serious issues with particular handsets and their network and as a result they released me from my yearly contract and credited my account for several months usage.

    As far as I am concerned this is the last straw and I will be swithing providers and tossing my treo. As a telephone marketed to professionals one would think it would be thourghly tested as for some of us our phones are our lifeblood for business.

    Just my thoughts.
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