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    Ok, so just when I think there won't be any more problems with this unit, I discovered a new one today.

    I was talking on the phone, I initiated the call, when another call rang in. Initially the phone said the calling name and number on the screen but then it quickly placed the original call info and the new call info on the screen and asked if I wanted to 3-way call but it dropped my original call.

    So hear is what I figured happened:

    1) I was on the headset with the lid closed talking with the original caller.
    2) When the other call came in, I look briefly at the window to see who it was then I OPENED THE LID.
    3) Both callers info was on the screen but the new caller was on the line while the other was dropped.

    I guess the problem surfaces if you are using a headset and open the lid when another call is coming in. I though that opening the lid wouldn't answer a call with the headset plugged in?

    Anyone else have this problem? Have you tested your phone for multiple calling parties?
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    It sounds like the headet / lid issue. The thread is below.
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    This is more specific to the operation of the software and the interaction with the Lid/Headset.

    The other thread is specific to the dropped calls that occur when answering a call using the headset, not with multi-party caller issues while already in a call.
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    I just noticed that too. When I'm using the ear piece on a call, and another call comes in, it first flashes that caller on the screen and then puts the first caller on hold and picks up the second. I didn't THINK that I opened the phone, but after reading thegman's post, I think now that I must have as the screen "gives" you the option of answering that call, 3 way calling, etc. I figure I must have opened the lid to tap one of those buttons, and it then drops or puts the first call on hold and answers the second. VERY annoying.

    I did notice this happened several times with my Treo 180 (and I ended up talking to someone I really didn't want to), so I don't think this is a new problem.

    But I'm going to do two things: tell tech support, AND be sure to not open the lid next time it offers me options, and see what happens.
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    I seemed to have this problem today, the lid was open.

    I tried to make a call, when another person called me. My phone showed the new callers id info, but placed the call on hold without letting me know. By the time I saw that my incoming call was on hold, they had hung up -thinking I hung up on them!

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