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    Can someone write a quick review of the Handspring leather case for the Treo 90? I'm curious as to how it fits on the Treo and how well it protects it. I love my new Treo but have a bad case of butterfingers syndrome. Thanks!!!
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    My Treo 90 case arrived today. Here are my impressions:

    -The Treo fits almost perfectly in the case. The fit is snug and leaves you without the worry that it will fall out. I would think that it will do a fine job protecting the device if any butterfinger incidents occur.

    -The case allows for full use of the keyboard as well as access to the stylus and SD slot. The power button is still somewhat ackward but that really isn't due to the case.

    -I must admit that the case is larger than I had hoped for. It still is smaller than a cased Visor but you lose some of the "pocketability" of the Treo when using this case. Also, the snap adds a bit to the thickness.

    -The storage options are nice. There are two elastic slots to hold SD cards, two slots for business or credit cards and an area for cash. Using them, however, increases the size of the case a bit.

    -This may seem strange to add but the Treo looks a bit odd without the flip lid on it. In the case it retains the professional appearance it has with the flip lid attached, it simply looks a bit odd.

    Overall I am very happy with the Treo 90 case. Since, to my knowledge there are no other cases available for this unit, it is difficult to point out any design changes that could be made. Perhaps losing the storage area in the cover would reduce the thickness but other than that it is a very good case.
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    Basically in agreeement with mnchzhd. However, mine doesn't seem to fit so snugly. It kinda reminds me of the early cases for the Palm Pro and III models where the leather would sometimes annoying get in the way of the app-launcher buttons. But, I'm a Type-A freak (like 75% of PDA users) who is ridiculously dedicated to symmetry.

    Also, I find myself often pushing the sides of the treo (toward the bottom) to line it up so it fits better. Like mnchzhd said, it's too thick... the pictures at HS's site are deceivingly thin looking. And, I looked everywhere and couldn't find another case (made specifically for the 90). BUT, the design is decent (esp. with the 2 card slots). Overall, I'm happy.

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