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    I lost my Treo 270 .... I lost my treo 270 for about 30 minutes.

    Had no clue where it was.

    My Treo is carried via the handspring case.

    I got into a car (damn compacts).
    I got out of a car.
    Went to check some info. Hmm, the Treo not there.
    No worry must of left it on my desk at work.
    Didn't remeber bringing it.
    Get backinto car.
    Get out of car, but check the passenger side for the treo. Not there.
    Get back to the office.
    Arrrhg it isn't on my desk.
    My friend goes back to the car to check again.
    Say the "F" word.
    Hoping someone picked it up call the phone. Voicemail answers.
    Go to check the street where I first got into the car. Having very little hope of actually finding it. No luck.
    Say the "F" word again.
    Go back to the office and call the phone five more times. No answer.
    Whom should I call first Voicestream or handspring to get a new one.
    Friend comes back. He says he didn't find it, but I should keep calling the phone just in case.
    The phone in his pocket rings. The ******* found it in the back seat (how did it get there?) and wanted to see me sweat a little bit more.

    This thing is just too damn small, can't tell if I'm carrying it around. I have left this thing around in the past two weeks more than I ever left the prim and vp.
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    I have a nice BagPhone circa 1985 that I'll trade you fo the Treo. You'll never lose it...I swear.
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    What you need my friend is a belt-clip case.
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    You sure say Fudge a lot.


    PS I'm glad you found it! You had me terrified for a minute there
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    Personally, I think you should take a large club to that so caled friend, and rearange the bumps on his noggin.
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    I still hold to the belief that PDA's have two major failure modes:

    Lose them

    Drop them

    Over the years, I have determined that the best approach for me is a solid belt clip. It's never lost, I always have it and know where it is. It is not dropped from retrieval from the same spot, not falling off desk or out of shirt pocket etc.

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