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    The Kyocera 7135 sounds awesome. These guys have experience with the combination PDA! It has SD slot, CDMA, etc. I would have bought a Treo 300 if it was out, but now I might as well wait for the Kyocera 7135. Nice move Sprint - by being so slow, I think Kyocera might have stolen your thunder!!!!!!
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    To me the 7135 has a major draw back for my usage type. That is the lack of window to the palm OS screen. I would hate to open the clam shell everytime I got an alarm to check, or to just scroll thru my calendar for the day or the week. Or to view a page or text message. I like the SD slot idea, but don't like the layout of the device.
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    The Kyocera seems like a great product, however, it really depends on what your planning to use the product for. For traditional pda functions, address book and so on, it will probably work out very well. If, on the other had, you use your pda for word processing, reading reports, occasional spreadsheet work etc., I would tend to think it would be better to buy the Treo. The design of Kyocera simply does not lend itself to advanced Palm activities. In reading the Kyocera press release they seem to agree. Its the difference between having a great phone that can act as a pda and having a great pda that can act as a phone. Its all in the users needs.
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    i was at pcexpo and stuck the kyocera phone in my pocket. its slick, but kinda chunky and thick i must say. Very powerful and solid, and Im sure it would hanfdle being dropped pretty well, but its wider and thicker than what I REALLY want. The treo is DEFINITELY slimmer; hope the CDMA treo is slim as well. Form factor is of supreme importance to me in my phone, as i want to not sweat carrying it anywhere...

    those that have Treos: how resilient do you think it is if you drop it? Im scared im gonna break the thing if i carry it ALL the time...
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    Originally posted by greenmonk
    those that have Treos: how resilient do you think it is if you drop it? Im scared im gonna break the thing if i carry it ALL the time...
    Mine got knocked off my belt clip once and fell to the concrete. I got a slight scratch on it, but that was it. Still works fine.
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    The Kyocera looks to be an impressive piece of hardware, but it really comes down to form over function. I don't download MP3s, so that aspect is not attractive to me. The keyboard on the treo is very attractive. I've played with the Treo 90 in the store, and the keyboard was a winner. The lack of a keyboard on the Kyocera is a minus for me. I don't want to pay extra for a keyboard, when it come ingrained in the treo. Grafiti, hey i get a free program for that as well.

    Expansion, for me I've only used at best 5mb on my visor neo (that was with the minstrel S modem) at one give time. The 16mb on the treo will be enough for me, but not for all.

    In closing, is not really about what device is the best, its about what device is best for you. Quit complaining about what a device lacks, and buy the device that has what you want!


    PS. Waiting for the Treo 300. August here I come.
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    Very true. Devices like the 7135 and Treo 300 aren't really better than one another. One may be better suited to your needs though, that's the key. For me, the SD slot for backup purposes (not memory expansion), traditional phone keypad, 16 bit color screen, mp3 playback capability, and a full-size keyboard outweigh the slightly smaller form factor the Treo offers as well as the integrated thumbboard. Interestingly enough though, the Kyocera rep declined comment when asked about the possibility of a qwerty keyboard on a Kyocera device. The 7135 is listed on the Kyocera website as part of the "7100 series" though. A possible clue of devices to come?
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    16 bit, SD, Phone-centric, MP3, tri-mode, 3G, user replaceable battery, made by a company with actual experience in producing phones and converged devices...

    I think I'll wait for the 7135 too.
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    Like many I suppose, I will be waiting to see which phone is available in my area, with my current service provider, first. I like the look of both the 7135 and the 300 for differnet reasons. The 7135 is a phone with PDA functionality, the 300 is the reverse. As has been stated, both have different positives, but for many the choice will be made by others ie: What service provider offers which unit.


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