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    OK, call me a dinosaur, call me cheap, call me whatever you want but I work from home and probably need access to the internet using my phone perhaps once or twice a month at most. I cannot justify a $360/year data package from Verizon.

    My Centro died (the headphone jack broke) so I went back to my Treo 650 and bought myself a heavily discounted enfora wifi sled. It's not as bad as I thought (brick-wise)

    Anyway, so I had a short opportunity to use the sled yesterday and am a little disappointed in the Blazer browser (something like version 4.1). I don't know how to upgrade Blazer. I searched the web for a more updated browser and tried installing Opera Mini but it requires IBM's Java Virtual Machine which I obviously cannot get anymore so it won't run.

    So the main question: is there another browser I should be downloading and installing? Thanks for any help anyone can give me!
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    Try Universe (available at if they are still around).
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    JVM for palm is still out there somewhere - google it or ask for someone to post you a link.
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