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    How do you go about uninstalling multimail?

    Will deleteing:

    MultiMail ProIII.prc - This is the main MultiMail PRO program
    MMWizard.prc - This is the configuration wizard
    MMPluginMGR.prc - This is the plugin manager for plugin players
    PRCPlugin.prc - The PRC/PDB plugin player for PRC and PDB attachments
    TxtPlugin.prc - This is text viewer plugin player for text attachments

    take care of it?

    Where are the messages kept? Where is the server info kept?

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    >Where are the messages kept? Where is the server info kept?

    MultiMailDB.pdb, I believe.
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    In addition to the files that you listed, on your PDA there may be any plugins that you installed that allow you to unzip attachments or read Word documents. I'd tell you what they are called but my Plat is in my bedroom and my 5 year old, who has an ear infection, is asleep in the room (finally). Maybe tomorrow. Also don't forget the conduit on your desktop.
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