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    I had a Treo 180 and just got the 270. To say the least, I was ecstatic when it arrived this morning (within 3 days of ordering!).

    However, when I tried talking on the phone outside of a movie theater, I could barely make out what the other person was saying (yes, the volume was on maximum - and friends around me had no problem hearing on their non-Treo phones!). I also tried to make a call standing on a street where there was just normal NYC traffic, and I could barely hear as well.

    Finally, I tried the speakerphone, and the maximum volume on it was too quiet to hear as well (seemed A LOT lower than on the 180).

    Is anyone else having this volume problem? I love this phone, but if you can't hear anything well enough to hold a conversation....
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    I can always hear folks once I dial the speaker up a bit. Other times it is too loud and I have to turn it down. You may have a busted speaker.
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    Yes, the speaker on my 270 is plenty loud also. It's much louder than the speaker on my Ericsson T68. I'd try a reset and if it's still too soft I'd call Handspring.
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    Thanks! I am VERY happy to hear that. I'll ask for a replacement asap!
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    This may sound obvious but it could be the problem. (It was for me and some others who've posted here.)

    You have to be careful not to hold the Treo too high against your ear. If you hold it in the natural position, with your mouth close to the bottom of the handset, the speaker ends up so high against the top of your ear that you can hardly hear it.

    Lower the handset so the speaker is centered against your ear (look in a mirror to make sure), and it may work better.
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    I have found the same thing. If I am having a problem with the volume, outside, in the natural positon, I move the phone down, and the volume is where it should be. My ear doesn't line up right with the phone the way I normally hold it, but it is not too much of a problem as long as I can adjust accordingly.
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    I have to keep my volume up to max to hear as well. Although it's not as bad as how NeoPhyte states.

    I adjust the phone to have the speaker on my ear canal, but still, it's not as loud as other phones I've used. Speakerphone is the same as well, not as loud as other speakerphones I've used before.

    I still can hear the other party on the otherside, just kinda sucks that my volume has to be jacked up to it's max makes me wonder.

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    Did any of you send your 270 back and get one with the volume that is high enough and better? I'm about to send mine in too.

    My 270 volume is too low. My treo 180 had no problem. It's wierd. Sometimes when I call a number like 611 and listen to the announcement, the volume seems really high and ok. But when I call someone and talk to them, the volume is a lot lower and I have to have it on high - with or without speakerphone. And when using the speakerphone, I have to keep the phone about 6 inches away at the most in order to hear them. The 180 did not have this problem. I could easily set the phone on a desk and talk and listen ok.

    It's really unsatisfactory. I always have to have to volume turned up to the max and when I'm in a noisy environment it's pretty hard to hear the other party clearly.

    I'd like to hear from anyone who has gotten a replacement 270 and hear if the volume was better on the replacement. Thanks in advance.

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    i too am having that same problem. volume setting on high, yet i can faintly here the other person at times.

    did handspring resolve your issue?
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    This is not just a problem with the 270. This is an inherent problem in the designing of the Treo. I have a 180 and have always felt that the volume level is way too low. How I manage is by pretty much turning on speakerphone by default on all calls.

    I fail to understand why Handspring does nothing to rectify this. I am sure this cannot be too much of a technical challenge.
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    did you contact handsrping about a replacement??

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    the reason I have not approached Handspring for a replacement is that I don't think anything is defective with my Treo. I think that this is just a basic design flaw in the Treo.

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