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    Hello all,

    I recently tried to install PiDirect II on my Treo 90 after buying a new SD card. During the HoySync, the installation crashed, giving me a message that the device was not VFS compatible.

    Now, whenever I start up the Treo, I receive a Fatal Error message saying:

    Line: 7749,

    What do I do? I even tried a Hard Reset, but with no response. Is my Treo toast? And if so, will Handspring give me a new one?

    Please help.

    -- Mike
    -- Mike
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    Good news all,

    I managed to solve the problem - if you can call it a solution - by doing a Hard Reset and reinstalling my data, after deleting PiDirect from the backup folder.

    A word of warning to you all. The current version of PiDirect II is not compatible with OS 4+ so avoid until PiTech releases a new version.

    Just out of curiousity, which file managers do you all generally use for your Treo 90s?

    -- Mike

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