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    Hey all ....

    I've been seriously considering making the switch over to voicestream and a 270 -- and I might have just found the perfect excuse. I just cracked the screen on my I300 last night (oops) - so I've got to get that replaced under Sprint's equipment replacement plan. However, it takes up to 5 business days to get here. That's 5 days that I'll be without my Palm ... agh!

    So, I was thinking I'd go look for the Treo. I know they had the 180 at BestBuy last time I was there, but I was wondering if anyone knew any stores that were carrying the 270. If they've got the 270, I'd go get it tonight, and then just sell the replacement I300 once I get it on eBay.

    Keeping my fingers crossed - has anyone got it in stores yet? Or is it still too early....

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    I emailed HS customer service about this. Got a reply back on Tuesday (6/18) that said something like "early next week at selected retail outlets" and that they would only be dribbling them out because they wanted to honor on-line sales (and replacements) first.

    I also talked to sales on the phone the previous Friday and they said 2 months.

    So, i guess we'll see...
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    Originally posted by dtoombs
    I've been seriously considering making the switch over to voicestream and a 270
    Doug! Shame on you! This is grounds to be banned from the I300 site...j/k. Anyways, why not wait for the Treo 300 to appear on Sprint's network, its just around the corner. Besides, Sprint likely has the better coverage in your area and will offer significantly faster data speeds once the 3G network is launched, especially when compared to the 28.8kbps max the Treo 270 will EVENTUALLY offer.

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