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    This keyboard was briefly talked about over here:

    I got to try one out on my 180g last night at a local PUG meeting. The good is that it WILL work on a Treo. The driver that comes with it will rotate the screen 180 degrees, so that the IR ports line up and you can see your work. Unfortunately, there is a lot of bad--the lid of the Treo has to be open to really see the screen well, and that gets in the way a bit. But the bigger problems were the driver itself--it kept turning itself off--and the fact that perhaps the most used key on a keyboard, the space bar, is extremely uncomfortable. The spacebar is split right in the middle, and that split is exactly where my thumb wanted to go when typing.

    Its a VERY small keyboard. Way smaller than a Stowaway, and even smaller than a GoType. People like me with bigger fingers will have a longer learning curve, if you know what I mean.

    But them's my opinions. Yours may be different.
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    Also tried the Micro Innovations IR Keyboard. Returning it tomorrow. The stand is not designed for the Treo. When I try to use the stylus on the screen, I jar the Treo and it loses connection with the keyboard. It slips out of the stand very easily. Also it takes 5-10 minutes to find the exact right spot to line up the ir on the keyboard with the reflector. I guess over time this would become easier. You can use the keyboard without the stand. The software allows you to reverse the screen so you can see the display upside down. Unfortunately you have to leave the lid open which makes it hard to see and type at the same time. Keyboard itself is not bad.

    Hopefully someone will be releasing a keyboard for the Treo's. Any rumors?

    Majic JayJ

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