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    just yesterday I bought my first Treo 180 and already I've got a question :) Hopefully you'll undestand what my problem is:

    When I have the lid opened and I move it a little (like trying to close it but then letting it snap back) the menu bar opens. The same sometimes happens when I close the lid. That in particular is a little annoying since the menu bar is open when I hit the rocker switch. Is that a normal behavior? I'd like to think of it as a feature rather than a bug or defect since it allows me to access the menu bar without using the stylus but on the other hand it seems rather strange.

    Also when I turn on the backlight the Treo makes a noticable buzzing sound. I guess that is normal, still I'd be a little more assured if I'd know that other people experience the same.

    Finally, I hope I didn't ask a RTFM question with my first post :) I searched around a little but couldn't find anything...

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    Sounds to me like you got a bum Treo. Mine doesn't do the menu thing and it doesn't buzz when the backlight is on. I suspect maybe a wire is crossed or touching another one. Contact Handspring, or wherever you bought it, and get it fixed. Sorry to hear you got a bad unit.

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    Doesn't sound to me like you necessarily have a bad unit. Perhaps when you snap it shut you are hitting the command button? See if the lid comes down nice and level and there isn't anythign that would hit the button. Otherwise you might be hitting it with your finger or something. If the button is not being pressed at all, see if there is anything that might come into contact with the top of the screen as that would also activate the menu. As for the buzzing, it's present on all Treos, and indeed all Indiglo type devices (I can hear my watch if I get close enough to it). Of course the sound shouldn't keep you up at night if the backlight is on, but a slight buzzing is completely normal.
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    Don't return it, it's not defective... well, not really.

    1) the menu thing with the lid is because the screw next to the lanyard anchor is too tight. Take a jewelers screwdriver and loosen it a mere 1/4 turn. The screw will still be tight, but not so tight that the case presses the screen when you shut the lid or open it.

    2) the buzzing sound is common among all grayscale palm devices. Some seem louder than others, and some people don't notice it at all. It's usually only audible when the room is very quiet. If you can hear the buzzing when the Treo is held away from you, in the middle of the day outdoors, when there are other sounds, then either you have REALLY good hearing, or there *is* something wrong with the Treo. I'm guessing it's only something you notice when everything else is quiet, though, eh?

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    thanx for the information. I'll try the srew thing, hopefully it helps. And with the backlight: it is indeed obly audible when the room is very quiet. I suspected that this is normal, still wanted to make sure.

    By the way, this reply was posted using my Treo and a dailin connection provided by my university! Treo rules!!!

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