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    When will Treo270 sell in Hong Kong?
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    Yes, it will.

    Just wait for few more days and it will be rolling out. The local dealer is promoting pre-ordering with a HK$200 gift pack ( 1 dual purpose charge & sync cable plus a special Arm-kit screen protector).

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    Does any of you know when the 270 will roll out in Singapore? Thanks in advance for any response.
    Any other Indonesian Treo users out there?
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    HONG KONG (June 25, 2002) ¡VHandspring, Inc. (NASDAQ: HAND) today announced regional availability of two new full color Treo products, the Treo 270 and Treo 90. Treo 270 is a compact, full-color wireless communicator that integrates a mobile phone, wireless applications like email and Internet browsing, and a Palm OS organizer all in one. Treo 270 also has a built-in, backlit QWERTY keyboard and enhanced battery life over the Treo 180 launched in January of this year. Treo 90, a sleek and lightweight organizer with a built-in keyboard and a full-color display. Treo 90 expands the Treo family of handhelds to now include organizers as well as communicators. Based on the design of the award-winning Treo communicators, Treo 90 comes with 16 MB of memory, Secure Digital and MultiMediaCard expansion capabilities and a long-lasting rechargeable battery. The 270 and 90 both have transflective, color STN displays with a touch screen that is backlit and offers greater readability for viewing text and graphics in a variety of lighting conditions.
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    This link provides a full list of shops in Asian countries where Treo can be found :-

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    I've seen both the Treo 270 and Treo 90 in stock in several shops in Causeway Bay. Some only have dummy units, others have working demos. I'd make sure that you see a working unit first, as the screen is not bad, but is not as good as I had hoped.


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