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    Hello all,

    I was recently plodding through the local Big Lots
    and stumbled across a small case that I wondered if I could fit my new Treo into. It fit like a glove.

    The case is by case logic and is marketed as a MP3 case.
    It is made from soft squishy neoprene on the outside and black nylon on the inside. There is a small pocket on the left hand side of the open case (perfect for holding the earbud), a zippered closure running vertically just to the right of that (good for a credit card or a small amount of cash), a mesh elastic T holds the treo in place on the right side, and there is another open pocket running vertically behind that.
    It zips securely closed, cushions the Treo quite well, has a strap sewn on both ends on the back (good for putting a belt or some sort of clip through) and (at least at my Big Lots) came in either red or blue.

    Now here's the best part. . . it was $2.99!!
    Big Lots is a closeout store that gets great bargains like this, but doesn't have a fixed line of products, so you always have to keep a close eye out to find goodies like this. They also have 32x cd-r media 50 for $9.99 but that's for another forum

    All in all i'm happy to have my treo in the bright red case. It holds it very securely, enough that I can open the zipper fully with it on my belt and even forget it that way, with no real risk of it falling out.

    I'll post some pictures once I get home for any interested.
    here is a link to some photos of it online pic 1

    I can also pick one up for anyone that may not have a Big Lots nearby, just drop me an email.

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    Here's a few pictures of my actual Treo living in it's case.

    It's quite happy.

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