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    I've been having issues with one app - the one called "Software" and the icon is an orange shopping bag that says "Palm". When you launch it, it's colored brown and orange.

    Once or twice a week it launches itself in the middle of the night and tries to update. I turn my phone off at night, so it sits in my purse glowing for a few minutes, sometimes waking my husband when it beeps. When I find it in the morning, it tells me that the update didn't work.

    Can I turn off the auto update? It seems to me that you should be able to, but I can't find how to stop it OR how to update it when the phone is on.
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    I'm having the same issue, even after turning Auto-Updates "off" in the Software application. I also have Auto-Updates "off" in the "My Treo" application. Happens overnight on Saturday night/Early Sunday morning.

    More of an annoyance than anything.
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    I turned off an "auto update" somewhere too - I thought it was in the Prefs, but it could be anywhere. It not in the "Software" app.

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