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    After calling about 20 different Sprint PCS retailers in my area (SF Bay Area), most had no clue when the Treo was coming out but 3 stores told me that it will be released in mid-August. One of them, a store manager, told me that it will coincide with the launch of their 3G network. Has anyone else heard the same thing? I've already ordered my 270 but thinking of holding off for the 300 since Cingular service is horrendous here. I guess I can bare 2 more months of monochrome.
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    I was still hoping for July...
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    I was talking to a Sprint rep who admittedly know very little. However, he suggested that Sprint has spent a bunch of money to tie in with the new Men In Black movie and that it would make sense to release the new network (and presumably the new phones) at the same time as the movie release. Makes some sense to me. The movie is out July 3.
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    We're really obsessed, myself included. I probably check this forum 10 times a day.
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    smackdog....10 times a day? Thats it?

    Now that there's a picture of the 300 on Sprint's website, we at least know it exists already. Maybe Will Smith will be using one in the movie. Can't think of a better way to promote the Treo. Remember what the Matrix did for Nokia?
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    I have my Yahoo! e-mail filtered so that I get a notification on my Kyo 6035 every time there is a new post... wouldn't want to miss any big news
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    I heard from a friend that works at Sprint's headquarters in Kansas City that the launch will be around August 10th. I guess they did pay big $$ to be "involved" with Men In Black II (dunno how) because they originally wanted to launch the 3G network around July 4th. With the network delay they will begin some sort of teaser media campaign around then to bridge the gap (remember "What is mLife?" leading up to the Superbowl?). I think we all wait until early to mid-August!
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    Great information FYR. I heard something very similar. Although I was given a date of July 1 as the original launch date. Not too many execs inside Sprint talk about the date too firmly. I am pretty sure that all the "firm" dates we have heard have actually been mis-information or leaked information. Either way, I know that nothing is going to happen until they are ready. August is the time frame I heave heard also.

    The MIB 2 movie is suppost to have plenty of Sprint branding through the entire flick. Everything from the agents using Sprint phones, Sprint stores being in the movie, to a high-up executive being in the movie for a quick cameo. I don't have any specifics and nothing confirmed, but I do know that ALL Sprint PCS employees should have been at a showing on Sunday to watch a sneak preview. If you want more information about the movie, you can ask one of them.

    As for the 300, it should be out the same day that the 3G network is launched. This will be Sprint's flagship phone until something else is released. Then they will drop it faster than a sack of **** as soon as the 2032 (Thera) and the i330 hit. But that's just a guess. I figure that Sprint is going to try to get a far from any phones that any other carrier might be carring. Especially a non-CDMA carrier.


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