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    I have a Treo 180 and I will upgrade to a 270 and I should like to have everthing that I have on the 180 over to the 270 third party programs etc. can I just use the same Sync. that I use on the 180 or do I have to beam the programs or any other way??
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    There are instructions in the Quick Start guide in the Treo 270 if you are upgrading from another unit. This assumes that you want the HotSync name on the new unit to be the same as it was in the old. If you look in the directory (usually something like C:\Program Files\Palm\"your HotSync name"\Backup or some slight variation) on your computer where Palm files are stored, you can see exactly which of your 3rd party apps are currently being backed up. These are the ones that would be restored "automatically". Handspring then suggests that you beam any programs over from the old unit which weren't HotSync'd to the 270.

    You can also set the backup bits for any programs & related databases which aren't currently being HotSync'd on the old unit first. Then, HotSync the old unit, then follow the procedure in the Quick Start guide. Use a program like Filez or any of a zillion other file management programs to set the desired backup bits.

    Alternatively, if you want the 270 to have a different HotSync name, first HotSync it with the computer to establish the name. Then, copy the Address, Datebook, Memopad . . . & Backup directories from the old unit's directory on your computer to the new unit's directory on your computer. Then on the computer, configure HotSync (Custom) for "Desktop Overwrites Handheld", and HotSync the new unit. I did this with the databases for the built-in applications, but I installed all 3rd party apps fresh. It's good to get a fresh start sometimes.

    Hope this helps. If not, feel free to drop me a line.
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