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    I've just received a new Treo 180 (had it for 3 days now). I'm on Cingular. I got browsing via Blazer working. I get my Outlook email on TreoMail and that works nice, though SMS notification doesn't seem to work.

    I also just installed BaseJet which seems to be identical to TreoMail except better in that a) you can view attachments and b) you can set the poll time to 15 or 5 minutes whereas TreoMail only goes down to 30.

    Anyway... it's all working fairly well except for the fact that Wireless mode keeps shutting off. In fact, in the time it took me to type this much of this message it's shut off again. I push the button (hold it), I get Network Search. It finds Cingular in a moment. I stick the thing in my pocket and a minute later I hear the doo-da-doh sound indicating I've lost wireless. I look and sure enuf it says Wireless Mode is Off.

    What's up with that? Am I just losing signal? I can deal with that... but Wireless Mode doesn't seem to turn back on when I'm in a strong signal.

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    Wireless Mode shouldn't turn itself off due to a weak signal.

    1) Something in your pocket is pressing the power button. Can you make it do it when NOT in your pocket?
    2) Battery charge is low - it WILL power off the phone when the battery gets low enough.
    3) SIM card is making intermittant contact - take it out, clean the contacts and reinsert - also make sure it's inserted properly in the SIM door.
    4) Your unit is defective.

    Hope this helps
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    Thanks Mr. P. Yeah, I think I've decided in this particular instance I was squishing the button down. I'm wearing jeans today as opposed to the usual dockers. Tighter pockets. I kind of wish that pushing that button didn't turn off wireless. But, we'll adjust.
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    Make sure that's the problem. My first 180 had to go back because wireless mode was shutting itself off. In my case it only happened about once a day, so it took about two weeks of checking things like charge, loose SIM card etc. to convince myself it was a real problem. Since the replacement it's been smooth sailing!
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    Yeah, I'm skeptical now. It seems to still be shutting off periodically. Only correlation I can find is it seems to do it when it doesn't have signal. This sucks. I just got the thing working well with Basejet. <sigh>

    Plus, I got the thing on ebay so I'm sure HS will find some reason to not support me.
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    Have you made sure that you have the most recent version of the software? I know mine did that for a while, but when I upgraded the OS with that patch they sent out, the problem went away. Now whether it had anything to do with it or not, that's another issue.
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    I went ahead and installed this patch. I'd downloaded it once already, but the version was identical to what I've got now. I looked again today and see that the version is identical but the date was off by a month. Who knows? So I put it on there anyway. It went on ok and my data all restored ok.

    Since then (only been a few hours) I haven't had it turn off. So we'll keep fingers crossed.

    Thanks for the idea.

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