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    I orded my treo 270 on June 3rd and it still says preparing order. I want to know if anyone else has the same situation or order later and already have theirs. Thanks
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    I'm still "pending" after ordering 11 days ago. They haven't charged my card, and haven't contacted Cingular to let them know I am extending my contract. My guess is they're dealing with the "blank screen" and "headset hangup" issues for those that bought right away.. I'm hoping they are using the extra time to get mine right ... did you hear that HS? I'll wait for a unit I get to keep...
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    Believe me, i was going nuts waiting, checking the hs tracking, over and over. I ordered the 30th with my check card. Didn't tell me it was not possible till the 5th!!! So I reordered the 6th. Received yesterday the 17th.

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    Should I cancel my order and put in a new order? This stinks. I paid extra for express shipping and the still can't get my order correct!!
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    Christo... I used my VISA/ATM... does that mean I'm screwed? I use it all over the web, no problem.. I guess I'll call.. Now I'm sad
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    I didn't understand either. Check card fine everywhere else. There were more than enough funds, but perhaps someone else has used it, and it worked. When my status changed to preparing order, it seemed the authorization was removed, so I got worried again. This was last Friday. Saturday at 4am, HS sent email saying order shipped, included a tracking number. But looking at the HS tracking page, no info other than 'shipped'. Airborne web site did no good either, said the tracking number was invalid. Then Monday morning, bingo! Delivered FedEx Priority. Oh well, I'm a lucky one for sure. Other than the crappy headset that doesn't work (replacement coming), the thing is meeting my expectations. It is a cool little gadget and my short term memory has it made with only 2 things to remember - keys and Treo!

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    christo1970 So you ordered yours on the 6th and got it already? What about the first one you ordered has it come yet?
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    I ordered the Treo 270 late evening Monday 6/17 (about 10pm pacific time). It shipped Tuesday 6/18 and arrived my house today 6/19. I'm traveling on business today, but I'll be home tonight to check it out. It was the 270 with no activation and no accessories. About 48 hours between order and delivery. I'm shocked how fast, it was. I just hope the unit works well enough to replace my current PDA and cellphone, this will be my first try with a combination unit.
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    bcaslis: Did you get service or extend a contract? Did you have a visorphone to trade in... I'm still waiting.. and still sad.
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    I ordered mine (T270) Wednesday, June 12th. It shipped Saturday, and I received it Monday the 17th. I used a CheckCard (VISA), had a VisorPhone upgrade, and ordered a couple of extras (holster and cradle). I'm still waiting for the cradle. The order status says "Preparing Order" on the cradle. Personally, I think it's back-ordered, and they just don't want to say so.

    Overall, I'm pleased with it. (Although, I too have the "Closed lid HeadSet" problem, where a caller gets hung up on when using the headset to answer (while the lid is closed). I told Handspring about it. I haven't asked for a replacement unit, because out of all the people that have posted on the issue, no one has yet to receive a replacement that actually fixed the problem. No one knows what is causing the problem yet, so I'll wait until their is a definitive solution. (No point in wasting time and shipping hassles, when you're not sure if it will fix the issue).

    Sorry for the digression. I hope your unit arrives soon.
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    Thanks for the update.. it looks like the folks with VisorPhones are being taken care of first (and rightly so as previous 'Springers). It's been 12 days... 12 long days. I ordered on my birthday, on-call in the hospital... Just the thought of owning it brightened up my last week. Now I need more than the thought of ownership to sustain me.. C'mon baby.. come to Daddy!
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    Ordered my 270 Sunday evening (6/16) and got it Wednesday afternoon (6/19). Only paid for (or actually didn't pay for) ground transportation, but I got it overnight via Airborne Express. I'm quite shocked that it came so quickly -- I was expecting a lengthy backorder period.
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    This was a new order (no visorphone). Didn't get service or extend a contract since I already have a VoiceStream account. I got home and it indeed is the 270. It's charging now, but I probably won't be able to really test it out much until tomorrow because the VoiceStream signal with all the phones I've had so far is very weak at my house.

    Originally posted by ChrisInDiego
    bcaslis: Did you get service or extend a contract? Did you have a visorphone to trade in... I'm still waiting.. and still sad.
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    Well, I'm not sure what's going on.. But, I think most people are waiting like me.. I'm okay with that... Who knows, maybe HS is debugging mine with special fervor . So, if you had no visor phone and you didn't get a contract.. did you spend the upper level duckets for the little machine? That might be it.. VisorPhone and no contracts first... I think it takes more time for HS to coordinate with VS or Cingular... I'm guessing, and hoping.. and thinking out loud again... Sigh.
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    ChrisinDiego- I think you're right. My order is a Cingular extension. The Visor upgrade is now over, so they should be able to catch up with our orders now.

    NEW- Just got an email that it is preparing to ship.
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    I ordered on 6/17 in the morning (Visorphone upgrade) with standard shipping and handling. My order arrived 6/19 at 10:30am via Airborne Express Overnight. I also ordered a belt clip holster (shipped with Treo) and a car charger (should arrive today according to Airborne).

    Great overall experience and I love the Treo so far. I'm still getting used to the keyboard but it is definitely faster than graffiti for everything except shortcuts so far.

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    Finally I recieved my new Treo and I love it. The screen is much brighter than my old M505. Outside it is pretty lame but that is OK because I don't use it outside that much.
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    So I ordered 6/7/02. No VisorPhone. With Cingular extended contract. Today received HS e-mail saying Cingular has been contacted and that all is well with the contract extension. They have changed status on site from "Pending" to "Preparing Order".. a good sign, no? Still no charge to my card but they tell me (at HS) that the card gets charged on day of shipping. So for those of us still waiting it looks like things are happening... good things.

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