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    I bought my Treo180 in Singapore for 4 months ago.The twotimed salesman said it was a worldwidegarantie(I live in Sweden) but when I had problems whit it Handspring said the guarantee was only vallid in the country were I bought the phone.
    Grandtech, who is the retailer for Handspring products in Asia doesent even bother to answer my emails"Hey this jerk live in Sweden and wants help whit his Treo180 .Scew him,,what is he gonna do come and beat us when he lives acroos the world.Lets have som nuddles instead"Probably how they respond to my mails.

    So back to my problem
    Every day I lose connection to my serviceprovider but on the Treo it shows I have full transmission,but when I try to dial I cant reach the network.
    Then I have to start the phoneservice all over again.In my work I need to be recable 24/7 and its very frustrating that Treo lose the connection.It isent any problem whit the GSMprovider in Stockholm so it has to the Treo.
    I think it started after uppgrading to the latestpatch.
    Anyone has a clue?

    I think its a shame that a international company like Handspring dosent have a worldwidegarantie.

    Sorry for my spelling
    Regards from Sweden
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