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    So I started out using the Brookstone belt clip hoster, and then was lucky enough to win the Case Techworks swivel in GregGaub's giveaway. Now I have what might be my last case:

    Reeline's Ripoffs CO-51A (click to go)

    It's black nylon, is a very snug fit and lower profile on the Treo than the Brookstone case, and has a clip that will never come off accidently. Never. The clip is big, wide, and stainless steel, the same you'll see on the back of a clip-on handgun holster.

    Plus a velcro flap (tuckable, of course).

    I was using the Case Techworks and appreciated the quick-off/quick-on clip, but it also stood proud of my belt and I smacked the Treo into corners and walls a couple times, causing me to stop in my tracks and check the Treo. Also, the Techworks clip didn't work too well with narrow belts, even if I put it over my trouser waistband.

    The Ripoffs case hugs right to me (I carry right-hand crossdraw) and when empty, the soft nylon essentially folds up, unlike the Brookstone case, which kept its very rectangular shape and also would work its way off my belt with ease. No chance of that with any Reeline product, I suspect.

    A minor downside is that the case is fixed in a vertical position, but it is also soft and small enough that it doesn't bug me. And in a holster, swivel can be a bad thing anyway.

    I found mine at Redwood Trading Post in Redwood City, CA, for $17.00 and I'll guess that your better camping/outdoor stores will carry Reeline, or maybe a cop shop. Or try Reeline directly.

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