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    Can anyone recommend a good golf score tracking program? I'de like to be able to enter scores by course and be able to track my handicap, etc.
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    I'm a happy user of Intelligolf ... I think they allow you to download a trial.

    I would recommend the 'birdie' edition, the desktop software is excellent.
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    I have used it for alomst a year now and it is very good. You can download courses from their iste or enter them yourself as well as keep up "games" - what most of us call wagers
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    Has anyone been able to get this feature to work? It is supposed to open Blazer, no longer using the PQA in version 6.2. But it never does for me.
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    Been using intelliGolf now for over 3 years. I keep track of the score for the group, then later email everyone a copy of the scorecard and their personal stats.
    Bryan Nystrom
    Natara Software, Inc.
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    To download the courses via your treo you need version 6.2 of Intelligolf. That comes ready for the Treo. I have been using it for a while now with no problems.
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    I also had version 6.2, but it still did not work. I finally figured out that it was a basic conflict with the way Cingular sets up Blazer, so it won't work for any Cingular user as is I think. I did manage to figure out a workaround which I much prefer to Cingular's setup.

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