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    I recently replaced the plastic housing on my Centro along with the built-in plastic screen protector, and since I put it back together, it won't vibrate anymore. It passes all the tests in ##HWTEST# except vibrate. The only thing I have not done is a hard reset because I'm getting errors when syncing to my Mac (which honestly isn't a huge deal). Also, since I just recently completely disassembled the phone (following a takeapart guide) I doubt it's software related. Does anyone know where the vibrator is located and what connections to check? The ribbon cables from the keyboard are seated as best as possible and everything else works fine. I don't really know what else to check. The phone is about two years old and I'm not ready to renew my Sprint contract. If requested, I can take pictures of the inside of the phone and post them.
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    C'mon guys... please help me out =( Even a vague answer that gets me going in some direction would be nice.
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    You most probably left the vibrator in the old housing. It's at the bottom near the connector and can easily be pulled out and put into the new housing.
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    lol you know I just recently figured that out by accident when going through the old housing and saw it there. It was a dur moment. Thanks for your reply though ^_^ Phone vibrates in all its original glory now.

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