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    Any former Palm VII / i705 users out there that can compare the two units? I work on the road and rely on my i705 (formerly my VII) for POP email, as well as web browsing and PQA's. Any difference in web speed? How about PQA functionality? I will probably be upgrading to the 270, just to cut down on my number of 'devices', but have yet to see anyone really compare the day to day use of the two units.
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    no comparision had a palm V11 and palm VX with omnisky modem and the treo blows it out of the water. you are actually able to surf the web and very easy to retreive email. connection is a lot faster also
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    I was at my local Staples last weekend, looking at the new Treo 90. There was a Palm salesguy there with an i705. We did a head to head of my Treo 180 with his i705 downloading pages and using PQAs. The 180 was about 4x faster than the i705 in all cases.

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