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    hello everybody.
    I am new to this forum. I have been using verizon treo 755 for almost an year now and really enjoy using it. This weekend my little 9 mth old kid decided to put my phone in his mouth . He placed it in his mouth from the end where the sync port is connected.

    That day it would go in endless sync mode. I decided to take off the battrey let it rest. Also tried to dry it with hair dryer.

    Next the hot sync loop disappeared and I see red blue green and white bars with 0.19 written on top. I tried to soft reset and hard reset it but no luck. I looked on a few forums but couldn't really get a good answer. Basically I can't evey syncrhonize it.

    in one forum somebody suggested something with ROM and using SD card to reload it.]Kaiser Stuck at Bootloader (aka Tri Color or Red, Green, Blue Screen)? Solutions Here - Page 38 - xda-developers

    Please help. I really can't afford a new phone right now.

    Thank you
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    If it's a moisture issue, I've heard that burying the phone in a bowl of uncooked rice for a day-or-three is a good remedy. The rice sucks out all the moisture.
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    See my post on the solution to this problem I just added to this topic.
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