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    I've got a Centro for AT&T, unlocked and am using on Tmobile. I have 2 headsets...a Plantronics Voyager Pro and a Sennheiser BW900.

    The problem I am having is my bluetooth headsets are disconnecting during a call and transferring to the handset. Sometimes I don't even notice and keep rambling while the other party can't hear.

    When that happens, I am unable to reconnect to the BT headset, even after turning off BT on the Centro and power cycling the headset. Only solution is to hang up and call back.

    I've searched and found nothing. Anyone else having this problem? Find a solution?
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    I'm getting the feeling these two devices don't work together. I just picked one up to replace my Voyager 520 (after accidentally driving over it). The 520 paired and worked right out of the box. The Pro was a pain to get paired, but once done, it wouldn't answer incoming calls, or transfer calls from the phone. I'll call Plantronics tomorrow, but I suspect I'll have to return it.

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