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    OK So I finally had a chance to figure out the PQAs. What are PQAs -- palm query applications. It is basically a small form 1-10K loaded on your PALM as an application that sends requests to web pages for information (Mapquest, ebay, Starbucks Locator, etc.) IN general it is faster than browsing to the web sites. The Palm VII has these built in and hundreds can be downloaded from

    First you need to install the PQA support files:

    Then you need to change the PQA proxy server address, you can do this by following these instructions:

    How to fix PQAs with Non-Palm VIIs/OmniSky

    If you're using PQAs but *not* using a Palm VII(x) or Palm V(x) with OmniSky, then you might have noticed that things stopped working. Palm.Net changed the developer's proxy server IP which is what you're using if you're connecting through a standard ISP. If you're still using your PQAs and nothing seems wrong, you can ignore this post. Otherwise, here are the steps to fix it.

    1. One you have installed the PQA support files, go to Apps->Prefs. On the general screen, make a small counter-clockwise circle in the lower-right corner of the "General" screen. If you do this right, a small "easter egg" will show up (literally).
    2. Run any Web clipping app which uses the Clipper library menus. Apps such as, Mapquest-to-go, and Yahoo Mail will work. (you can get these apps at
    3. Make four separate taps in the lower-right corner. Space the taps out a bit so they aren't interpreted as a double tap.
    4. A "hidden" menu should now show up when you tap the silk menu button. Select "Options->Preferences".
    5. Change the proxy server to "" . Hit OK.
    6. You should now be able to use your PQAs again.
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    I would rather use PDA firendly sites like those listed on I do not want to clutter my screen with PQAs. But ti each his own I guess.
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    I find it easier to run a PQA to do directory assistance.. why? Because:

    1. You don't have to connect to th Internet and then go to the web site and then submit the search.

    2. You fill out the form and you aren't connected to the net until the form actually submits so if you only need a brief thing you don't need to stay connected that long.

    Also since the PQAs are already streamlined you don't gunk up the cache with web site after web site.

    I don't use them for browsing just for retrieving info like yellow pages, mapquest, etc.
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    Running a Treo 270

    Hmm... I think I understand. I've done all the above and my pqa's now work - thanks. Note that tapping on the prefs sceen 4 times does not work. But there is now a wireless pref and I just enter the proxy server ID there.

    When I run pqa my net connection stays open; but I am only downloading when I submit. Guess this means that pqa's are best when you have a GPRS connection and pay per KB loaded? When just running a normal net connection should I set a short timeout? Guess so.

    Can't seem to get any color when I run pqas though...
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    Can't seem to get any color when I run pqas though...
    The Web Clipping paradigm was created for the Palm VII, and then the Palm i705 -- both being monochrome models.
    It's not the heat; it's the stupidity!
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    And it's going to be even better once the GPRS is enabled. I couldn't get the four taps in the lower right hand corner to work, but was able to change the server setting in the preferences. One thing I missed on my Treo was being able to access my E-Trade account, now I can. Thanks for this info.
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    I just beamed those same files using the program Filez from my I300 to my Treo 300, and the pqa's now work in color.....
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    Originally posted by PeDaSp
    Guess this means that pqa's are best when you have a GPRS connection and pay per KB loaded?
    Wow, what a great idea. I hadn't thought about PQAs since back in '98 when I bought my Palm VII (hey, paid $499 for that thing too!). The combination of the ultra-conservative bandwidth usage of PQAs, coupled with always-on GPRS, would make for awesome instant lookups!!

    Very cool -- I'll have to start downloading PQAs again and see what's out there. If I like 'em enough again, who knows -- maybe I'll try GPRS once the patch is available.

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    Bummer ... every PQA I try brings up a fatal exception.
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    Originally posted by dtoombs
    Bummer ... every PQA I try brings up a fatal exception.
    Did you load the libraries first?
    It's not the heat; it's the stupidity!
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    is there a way for me to get the I300 system files that I beamed to my Treo 300 onto my computer?

    I tried setting the backup bit in filez, but the files were never backed up to my machine....
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    How did you get the PQA's to work on the TREO 300, were did you go to fix the proxy settings, also did you need a specific library.
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    Where can I find a good listing of pqa's to run?
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    I've recently installed the web clipping libraries necessary to run pqa's and all seems to work just fine without having to reset the proxy.
    However, since installing these I seem to have a problem with TreoMail and I don't know if it's a coincidence or is related to the web clipping libraries install. When I check my email through treomail it use to automatically disconnect after retreiving my new mail. Now it no longer will do that and keeps my connection open. There is no way to disconnect from within treomail like blazer (pulldown menu and selecting disconnect) so I switch the program back to my default speed dial screen and I get a pop up window telling me that the phone is still in data use do I want to disconnect? I tap yes and It disconnects. Great! Except now the Treo is stuck powered on and I have to do a soft reset to get it to turn off!!
    Any ideas what to do?

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