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    I finally was able to get my VS connection going and had to make my first Treo post here!

    I love this thing!!
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    Originally posted by rmcalister
    I'm glad everyone loves it. I finally broke down and ordered one on the Visorphone upgrade plan. I hope I like it as much as everyone else. I do like the Visorphone but it is so large that it's become clunky. However, I'd rather not live without the functionality.
    Precisely same here... mine shipped today (ordered last Friday), can't wait to try it out!

    Selling my old Visor + VisorPrism on eBay... out of curiousity, does anyone know whether the same VisorPhone S/N can be used more than once?
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    mine worked for my 180 discount then it worked for the 270 too....
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    Hope nobody is nasty enough to get discounts on hundreds of Treos to then resell, though
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    I just received my 270 yesterday and got it configured and synced today, and it's awesome. Quite a step up from my old combo of a four-year-old Palm III and a Nokia 6160 (lighter than each!). I've only made calls from home so far, but I've had no problems with the service or sound quality. I love the color screen and the phone/PDA integration. I hope I don't run into any of the many problems I've seen on the boards, but for now, I'm thrilled.
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    I'm on my third unit and I love the Treo 270 product so much that I haven't given up hope on it thus far. I'll have to agree that it's great to travel light. Here's hoping that the backlight doesn't go out.
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    Have been using mine for 3 weeks now, and I am so happy with the product. Reception is good, but I am on Cingular in the Bay Area so who knows Volumes are good, my friends actually said I sound better with the phone vs my old Nokia 8290. I just LOVE what you can do with this smartphone which you can't with ordinary cellphones, like the cell plan tracker. I notice a huge drain of power when using the data connection for internet or email. About 25% gone with 20-30 mins of browsing and emailing, but regular phone calls can last you for hours. There is nothing bad about this phone... all my complains is on the appz and treomail service. I have posted a thread earlier regarding my problems with Treomail, and appz like ActionNames totally screws up the sorting orders of my contacts (but that's a known fact already). I get occasional lockup which requires soft resets, but that's the name of the game. At least I am more happy with this pda and Palm OS than my previous Toshiba e740 and PocketPC. I am so glad I am back with Palm OS.
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    Originally posted by EdwardsJ3
    I've only made calls from home so far, but I've had no problems with the service or sound quality.
    The connection quality is just excellent. I used the VisorPhone prior to this and there are some places where the VisorPhone would get just one strip on the connection meter and the Treo gets 3-4 !

    And, finallly a vibration mode too...
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    Posting from my Treo 270 while waiting for dinner to arrive love this thing words cannot describe how incredibly great thisthing is!
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